Whats On

The Frankston Photographic Club run a number of activities and events.

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Weekly Meetings

  • We meet
    • Most Wednesday nights at the
    • Frankston & District Masonics Hall
  • Turn up at 7:00pm for a friendly chat and a cuppa before an informative presentation on all things photography.
  • Have a look at the Event Calendar to see what’s coming up.
  • If you want to visit the Frankston Photographic Club, see a map of How to Find Us

Daytime Group

  • The Daytime Group meet monthly.
  • Every 2nd month at the Frankston Library on Wednesday mornings for an informal chat about images and outings and learning’s.
  • We discuss the images we have taken and techniques for better images and go on excursions and outings

Weekend Warriors

  • Plan >> Take  >>  Edit  >>  Print  >>  Submit  >>  Tell
  • The Weekend Warriors are a social gathering to meet fellow cub photographers and develop camera craft and image preparation to submit into competitions (club, nation and international).  Of course we would then like you to Tell people what you have learnt and experienced.
  • We organise interesting excursions, outings and activities to proactive your camera craft. If you want to organise your own outings or excursions, get inspired by: