Competition Results

June 2024 – Subject: Creative – Judge: Bob Williamson

Image of the Month – Title: Captured – Creator: Katie Cassap

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May 2024 – Subject: Motion – Judge: Jeff Nankervis

Image of the Month – Title: Veil of Pearls – Creator: Kerry Scott

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April 2024 – Subject: Scapes – Judge: Greg Earl

Image of the Month – Title: Sunrise Layers – Creator: Kerry Borgula

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March 2024 – Subject: Flowers & Plants – Judge: Theo van der Muelen

Image of the Month – Title: Lotus-Path To Enlightenment – Creator: Carole Augustinus

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February 2024 – Subject: Open – Judge: David Norris

Image of the Month – Title: Jumping Into The Day     Creator: Jane Jarman

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EOY December 2023 – Subject: Open – Judge: Panel of Three

Image of the Year – Title: Australasian Gannets    Creator: Mack Fenwick

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November 2023 – Subject: Street – Judge: Adrian Whear


Image of the Month – Title: Wi Fi Hotspot  Creator: Yiota Govaars

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October 2023 – Subject: Creative – Judge: Ricardo Da Cunha

Image of the Month – Title: Swanston Street Vibe  Creator: Jason Duncan

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September 2023 – Subject: Open – Judge: Lyn Haywood

Image of the Month – Title: Banksia Swirl  Creator: Trish McKeown

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August 2023 – Subject: Long Exposure – Judge: Ian van der Wolde

Image of the Month – Title: Safety Beach Sunset    Creator: Lynne Hardy

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July 2023 – Subject: Architecture – Judge: Nigel Beresford

Image of the Month – Title: Looks Like Lego    Creator: Sally Rule

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June 2023 – Subject: Scapes – Judge: Jeff Freestone

Image of the Month – Title: Waterfall Splash-Milford Sound    Creator: Yvonne Carless

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May 2023 – Subject: Nature, Live Australian Mammals and Birds – Judge: Gary Smith

Image of the Month – Title:  Red Tailed Black Cockatoo  Creator: Peter Carless

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All images are given a score out of 15 by our Guest Judge. Each work is to be judged on its merit and Judges will be requested to score out of a maximum of 15 points. Judges may award more than one 14 or 15 score in any category and will be asked to use the following criteria;

14-15Exceptional image technically and compositionally, in concept and originality
12-13An image of above-average quality in concept, composition and technique with no major technical faults.
10-11A sound image in concept, composition and technique but lacks the impact of the above categories.
8-9Significant deficiencies in technique, composition and/or subject selection.
0-7Does not meet the rules of entry.

Selection of “Image of the Month’: The judge is requested to select the ‘Image of the Month’ from the Regular entries scoring 13 or over. The winning entry will be announced during the monthly judging presentation.