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Frankston Photographic Club
2022 Competition Calendar

JanuaryNo CompetitionJulyLooking Down
March Portraits & Still LifeSeptember Architecture & Open
April Scapes (Land, Sea and City)OctoberLive Australian Native Birds & Mammals
June Marco/Close-up & OpenDecemberEnd of Year Competition –  Open


Frankston Photographic Club
2022 Subject Definitions and Entry Closing Dates

 February – Judge: Margaret Zommers
Closing Date: 1pm; Thursday, 13 January
Judging Date: Wednesday, 9 February   

Open Any type of image can be submitted as long as it is deemed not offensive to any club member.

March – Judge: Paul Robinson
Closing Date: 1pm; Thursday, 10 February
Judging Date: Wednesday, 9 March   

PortraitIs a photograph of a person or persons that may range from a head study to full body length. This includes candid photographs and formal portraits. (APS).
Still LifeIs an arrangement of inanimate objects in an artificial or natural setting. (APJA)

April – Judge: Darryl Whitaker
Closing Date: 1pm; Thursday, 10 March
Judging Date: Wednesday, 13 April   

LandscapeThis is a photograph of natural scenery with land and sky-based elements displayed in a pictorial fashion. It may include evidence of man, people, animals, even part of the sea provided that none of these additional elements dominate the photograph. (APS)
SeascapeSeascapes include photographs of natural coastal scenery, a wave study or picture of the open sea, provided always that the sea is the centre of interest of the photograph. People, boats and man-made structures may be present as incidental to the image. (APS)
CityscapeA scene of urban buildings which are the main point of interest. It is not about architectural images of individual structures or their details. (APJA)

May – Judge: Gary Smith
Closing Date: 1pm; Thursday, 14 April
Judging Date: Wednesday, 11 May

BacklitA picture in which the main source of illumination lies behind the subject as opposed to the front or sides. Such lighting does not preclude the use of a fill in light or available light from the camera side of the subject. (APJA)

June – Judge TBC
Closing Date: 1pm; Thursday, 12 May
Judging Date: Wednesday, 8 June

Macro/Close-upExtreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects and living organisms like insects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size By the original definition, a macro photograph is one in which the size of the subject on the image sensor is life size or greater. In some senses, however, it refers to a finished photograph of a subject that is greater than life size. (Wikipedia).
OpenAny type of image can be submitted as long as it is deemed not offensive to any club member.

July – Judge TBC
Closing Date: 1pm; Thursday, 9 June
Judging Date: Wednesday, 13 July

Looking DownImages must be taken so as to show a scene which lies below the photographer. The height from which the image is taken is immaterial (FPC)

August – Judge TBC
Closing Date: 1pm; Thursday, 14 July
Judging Date: Wednesday, 10 August

NightAn image taken using only the ambient light, event light, moonlight, or starlight.  Shooting times must be during the hours starting from 20 minutes after sunset and ending 20 minutes before sunrise. (APJA & FPC).
For example, this could include a night time streetscape, cityscape, moonlit portrait, astrophotography, fireworks, White Night or similar subject.

September – Judge TBC
Closing Date: 1pm; Thursday, 11 August
Judging Date: Wednesday, 14 September

ArchitectureAn image of a building or structure of any type, old or modern, exterior or interior. Detailed features of any part including domes, doors, roofs, stairways, steeples, towers, verandas and windows. (APJA)
OpenAny type of image can be submitted as long as it is deemed not to be offensive to any club member.

October – Judge: David Burren
Closing Date: 1pm; Thursday, 15 September
Judging Date: Wednesday, 12 October

Live Australian Native Birds & Mammals

For this club competition, photography is restricted to the use of the photographic process to depict live Australian Native Birds & Mammals as governed by the definition below.

Note that reptiles are not mammals and are therefore excluded.

PSA Nature Definition From 1st January 2022, FIAP agreement to same definition has not yet been published.
Nature photography records all branches of natural history except anthropology and archaeology. This includes all aspects of the physical world, both animate and inanimate, that have not been made or modified by humans.
Nature images must convey the truth of the scene that was photographed. A well-informed person should be able to identify the subject of the image and be satisfied that it has been presented honestly and that no unethical practices have been used to control the subject or capture the image. Images that directly or indirectly show any human activity that threatens the life or welfare of a living organism are not allowed.
The most important part of a Nature image is the nature story it tells. High technical standards are expected and the image must look natural. Adding a vignette or blurring the background during processing is not allowed.
Objects created by humans, and evidence of human activity, are allowed in Nature images only when they are a necessary part of the Nature story.
Photographs of human-created hybrid plants, cultivated plants, feral animals, domesticated animals, human-created hybrid animals and mounted or preserved zoological specimens are not allowed.
Images taken with subjects under controlled conditions, such as zoos, are allowed.
Controlling live subjects by chilling, anaesthetic or any other method of restricting natural movement for the purpose of a photograph is not allowed.
No modification that changes the truth of a Nature image is allowed.  Images may be cropped but no other technique that removes, adds or moves any part of the image is allowed.
Techniques that remove elements added by the camera, such as dust spots, digital noise and lens flare are allowed.
Complete conversion of colour images to greyscale monochrome is allowed. Partial conversion, toning and infrared captures or conversions are not allowed.
Images of the same subject that are combined in-camera or with software by focus stacking or exposure blending are allowed. Multiple images with overlapping fields of view that are taken consecutively and combined in-camera or with software (image stitching) are allowed.

November – Judge TBC
Closing Date: 1pm; Thursday, 13 October
Judging Date: Wednesday, 9 November

CreativePhotographs display a novel effect because of an unusual combination of objects and/or unusual viewpoint. Photographs in which the image has been modified during or after exposure by using an experimental technique are also eligible in creative sections. The photograph must always have a basic photographic image. Digital manipulation processes may be employed provided the original image was exposed by the entrant. (APS)

December – Judge TBC
Closing Date: 1pm; Thursday, 10 November
Judging Date: Wednesday, 14 December

End of Year
Any type of image can be submitted as long as it is deemed not to be offensive to any club member.

APJA       Australian Photographic Judges Association Inc
APS         Australian Photographic Society Inc
SAPF       South Australian Photographic Federation
VAPS       Victorian Association of Photographic Societies
FPC          Frankston Photographic Club
PSA          Photographic Society of America