Social Activities Policy

The FPC encourages all members to participate in the club’s social and other activities held inside and outside of the normal Club meetings.

These may be scheduled social outings that the Social Secretary organises as a means of furthering members “in the field” photographic experience, such as photo-­‐shoots, BBQs, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, annual dinner and other photography related activities organized for the benefit of members.

The club’s Public Liability Insurance requires that all FPC approved activities outside of the weekly meetings be advertised within the club’s normal communications. The club will maintain a Calendar of approved social and other activities on the club website. Approved activities may also be advertised via the club’s weekly email and meeting notices.

The Insurance provider for the Frankston Photographic Club’s Public Liability insurance has advised all clubs that:

  • To be covered for Public Liability insurance each activity conducted outside of normal club hours/rooms must be an approved and advertised event.
  • Any Social Media group must be acknowledged by the club as an extension of the club’s activities.
  • Visitors to those events must sign a register as a “Temporary Member”. A copy of that register must be kept and made available if required to substantiate the approved activity.
  • Likewise visitors to normal clubroom activities must also sign a visitors register as “Temporary Members”
  • General Members must be financial with the club to be covered by insurance.
  • Leaders and Instructors volunteering on behalf of the club are also covered under the Volunteers Insurance policy.
  • There is a $500 excess for Property Damage Liability Claims. There is NO excess for Bodily Liability Claims
  • It is also important to note that the Club is the Insured party, not individual members, any claim raised by a member must come from themselves or their Solicitor and must be forwarded Via the Club Secretary to the VAPS Secretary who will liaise with the Insurance provider.

Where a Club Social activity is approved by the FPC committee and advertised on the club website, it is considered an approved club function.

Where there is an activity advised via social media, or by other private means, i.e. private arrangements by club members, those activities must be regarded as private social events between club members and are not covered by the Public Liability Policy.

Members attending a listed and approved Social or other Activity must sign a “Visitors or Temporary Members” attendance record maintained by the Social Secretary / Team leader.

Any potential claims arising from an occurrence during any Social or other Activity must be advised to the club Secretary as soon as possible.