Our Rules of Association

No A0047095S


  • The FPC is a non-discriminatory and non-profit club for the fun and enjoyment by all of its members engaged in the pursuit of
  • The FPC fosters social interaction between its members, other Camera Clubs, and the
  • The FPC will provide the venue and expertise for members to learn the art and method of taking photographic images, including the post-production of digital
  • The FPC will maintain and conduct photographic competition activities for the benefit and acknowledgement of member’s
  • Only financial members of the FPC are permitted to enter Club competitions, member’s guests and visitors are welcome to join any Club meeting or activity and agree to be bound by the Club rules whilst engaged in Club
  • When engaged in Club activities members of the FPC will at all times offer courtesy and respect to other members and will conduct themselves in an orderly and professional
  • Members will always seek consent before taking images of other members and will not display or publish images of members unless clear and concise consent has been given by the member/s whose images have been
  • When engaged in Club activities where group or model shots are provided, the Club will obtain sufficient Model Releases so that members can, for their own use, display and publish images taken at such events, where model releases are not provided, the Club will advise members accordingly.
  • Members will always respect the environment, private and public property, and the general community when taking images, whether that is within Club activities or
  • This Charter of the FPC contains the standards expected of members, therefore FPC reserves the right to expel a member found to be breaching the rules and etiquette of the Club after one written warning.
  • The FPC recognizes and respects the invaluable contribution that members, officers and committee members make to the Club. As such, the FPC makes every effort to ensure that its policies and practices are open, accessible and communicated as effectively as possible with its members.


Under section 46 of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, the Association Rules are taken to constitute the terms of a contract between the Association and its members.
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