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05/05/2020 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Frankston Photographic Club

4 Stotts Lane Frankston VIC Australia

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Frankston Photographic Club

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Scapes covers Landscapes, Seascapes and Cityscapes.

Landscape photography comprises the visible features of an area of land, including the physical elements of landforms such as (ice-capped) mountains, hills, water bodies such as rivers, lakes and ponds. (but does not include Seascapes )
The image may include evidence of man-made objects, people, animals and part of the ocean/sea provided that none of these additional elements dominate the image.

Seascapes include photographs of natural coastal scenery, a wave study or picture of the open sea provided that the sea is the centre of interest.
People, boats and man-made structures may be present only as incidental to the image.

Cityscape photography comprises the visible physical aspects of a city or urban area.
The main subject has to be manmade, people, cars, any moving object may be present but shall not be the dominant feature of the photo.

All images are given a score out of 15 and a short critique from our visiting judge, Mr Tom Putt.

Entries for members close 1pm 2nd April.

$2 Entry at the door
Guests are welcome.