Competition Rules

Update effective: January 2024

Please read this document to ensure you are aware of the changes and how they may affect your entries.

The competition rules are in place to ensure we have a fair and orderly process of accepting, judging and displaying images.

Set Subject Definitions:

  • Set Subject Definitions should be adhered to. Where there is a set subject, members should review the definition provided on the club website under the Subjects and Definitions Tab. If members are in doubt about the meaning of the definition, they can ask the Competition Steward or Committee for a more detailed explanation.

Rejection or non-display of an image:

  • In keeping with acceptable levels of image presentation and content, the FPC reserves the right not to accept or, if accepted, not to display an image if its content is deemed to be of a sexual, violent, offensive, demeaning or defamatory subject matter. The image may be presented to the judge for scoring but FPC reserves the right to not display or project that image during the critique.

These conditions are not meant to restrict creativity and members are encouraged to utilise their skills to the fullest in creating photographic images. However, we are a family orientated club and ask members to respect that in their presentations.


The purpose of the Club providing photography competitions is two-fold;

  • To give members the opportunity of having their work regularly displayed to their peers and;
  • To encourage the improvement of standards through independent critique and evaluation of their work.

Members are asked to abide by these rules in the cause of good order and fairness to others.


Only a financial member of the Club may enter work in a Club Competition.

The exhibit shall be the original work of the Member, i.e.

  • All images and elements of the entered image must be entirely the work of the member, including post-processing and editing, and must start from original photograph(s) captured by the camera used by the member.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), generative fill or other processes that use content generated by software from written or verbal prompts or developed from the work of others are not accepted by the Club.
  • The member by capturing and editing the image(s) must not infringe any copyright, or other rights of any person.

Printing of entrants finished digital file, or photographic negative is permissible by commercial or outside printing provided the image is not edited or changed in that process.

All images submitted must have been taken less than 3 years from the date of competition closure and reflect the work currently being produced by the maker.

Any particular work can be entered once  into a monthly ‘Open’ competition and once into a ‘Set Subject’ competition. This means an image can be entered a maximum of two times in a monthly competition. Also, any image can be re-entered into the End Of Year competition.

  • Any work that scores 14 or 15 in a previous club competition including End of Year SHALL NOT be re-entered in the same format into monthly competitions on subsequent occasions.

Re-Editing of Work

  • Colour images may be resubmitted as monochrome once only. Likewise, monochrome images may also be resubmitted as colour once only.
  • Re-cropping and then resubmitting an image is permitted once only
  • Renaming and then resubmitting an image as a different image is not permitted
  • A substantially reworked image of a previous version will be eligible for entry at the discretion of the Competition Steward and once only in any single segment.

NOTE: The Competition Steward may reject a work that has previously been entered in a particular category.


All Printed works shall bear the following information:

  • the club members competition number
  • Month
  • a short descriptive title of 30 characters maximum
  • Set or Open subject selected
  • Colour or Mono selected
  • Regular or Advanced grade selected
  • Digital files names will be as follows Title_of_Image
  • In the case of entries to competitions outside the club, the labelling will be required to conform to the rules of the organising body.
  • Download print label sheet here
  • All prints shall be mounted, with details outlined above fixed to the REAR TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER of the mount as per the following illustration:



BACK OF MOUNT BOARD: Place Club Competition Sticker in the REAR TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER


There will be four categories of entry for photographic images “Regular” and “Advanced”.

These are: Prints in colour or monochrome and Digital images in colour or monochrome.

4.1 Colour Prints “Regular” will be a minimum of 15 x 10 cm (6″ x 4″) print size in either dimension. Prints can be mounted or loose.

4.2 Colour Prints “Advanced” will be a minimum of 20 x 25 cm (8″ x 10″) print size in either dimension or if square, be a minimum of 21 x 21 cm (8” x 8”). Prints must be presented in a 40 x 50 cm (16″ x 20″) mount.

4.3 Monochrome Prints “Regular” will be a minimum of 15 x 10 cm (6″ x 4″) print size in either dimension. Prints can be mounted or loose. A Monochrome Print includes prints that have been toned in a single hue. It does not include a split-tone or a selective colour work.

4.4 Monochrome Prints “Advanced” will be a minimum of 20 x 25 cm (8″ x 10″) print size in either dimension or if square, be a minimum of 21 x 21 cm (8” x 8”). Prints must be presented in a 40 x 50 cm (16″ x 20″) mount. A Monochrome Print includes prints that have been toned in a single hue. It does not include a split-tone or a selective colour work.

NOTE: Commercial matt cutting may produce a matt size fractionally less than 40cm x 50cm, these will be accepted.

These requirements have been made to ensure that entries are presented effectively and that the chance of damage during handling is kept to a minimum.

    • All prints from “Advanced” must be presented in a matt board plus a backing sheet
    • Prints should also be matted to protect the surface from abrasion during handling.
    • Prints from “Regular” will be accepted without matting. They can be mounted on a temporary matt board for display on judging night by the submitting member.
    • The print mount plus matt thickness shall not exceed 4 mm.
    • All prints submitted to club competitions must also be submitted to the club as digital images.
    • These digital images will be used for projection on the judging night.
    • These digital images may be used on the club website and newsletter for public display and club promotion.
    • The size and name of digital images should be the same as described below for Digital Images and be submitted by the due date

4.5 Digital Files – Colour and Monochrome / Regular and Advanced

    • All Digital files for the competition should be produced as a JPEG file, be a maximum of 1920 horizontal x 1080 vertical pixels in size, with a maximum file size of 2000KB (2MB) at 300DPI. The resolution size of 1920 x 1080 is the recommended size for all digital images.
    • Members wanting information on how to size their images to the preferred size should consult the document on the web site Resizing Digital Images
    • Monochrome digital images should be toned in a single hue. It does not include a split-tone or a selective colour work.

4.6 321 A/V Files

No competition planned in 2024.

4.7 Acceptance / Rejection of images or A/Vs

Entry of each image into competitions through the website requires the member to check the box under the heading “I verify my image complies with the rules“. By checking the box, the member accepts that they have read and agree to all of the club rules applicable to the competition. Where this box is not checked, the website will not allow the SUBMIT button to become active and images will not be uploaded or accepted into the competition.

The Competition Steward may reject an entry

    • where the dimensions do not conform to these rules or
    • where the integrity of a print mount has the potential to damage other works
    • that does not comply with the Set Subject Definition
    • The Competition Steward reserves the right to ask a member who has entered an image into a competition for evidence that it was personally captured using a camera. This could be by provision of the XIF data or raw file(s) for comparison before accepting the entry.

The Competition Steward may also refer an entry to the committee where the subject may be of concern; the committee’s decision on image inclusion will be final.

4.8 Entry Sections – Regular and Advanced

Regular and Advanced members may enter images in Print and Projected Digital Image sections. Advanced members will be those who have achieved;

    • 3 or more acceptances in National or International Exhibitions, or
    • Have been awarded scores of 14 or more on 5 occasions in the preceding year’s club competitions or,
    • Are experienced photographers and consider themselves to be of advanced standard.

Following the End Of Year competition an assessment of members results will be prepared and those that fit the above will be promoted into the Advanced sections. Regular members who have achieved Acceptances in National or International Exhibitions must advise the club Competition Steward as soon as possible after that competition. All other members will remain in the Regular section until such time as one or more of the above criteria have been met. Members may opt out of the Advanced section only by agreement of the Competition Steward.


Unless otherwise determined by the Committee, club competitions will be held monthly, and the topics will include an Open and/or Set Subject each month.

Open Subject competitions will permit any subject within these guidelines.

The set subject competition will be to a topic advertised in advance through the Website or the Weekly Update. Guidelines to Set Subjects are published on the Club Website under the Competition > Subjects and Definitions tab.

Entries may be printed on any photographic medium provided that medium reproduces a photographic image. This may include photographic paper of any type, including metallic or canvas materials, any medium used must be able to render a photographic image made by the maker and be durable so that it can be handled and transported and displayed as part of the judging and critique process. Extraneous materials attached to an image are not permitted.


The maximum number of competition entries will be THREE (3), with a max. of TWO (2) images in any single category (a category being Digital Colour, Digital Mono, Print Colour, Print Mono).

The entries can be either print or digital, or a combination of both.

All entries must be submitted through the Club Upload system.

On visiting the website, click login and enter your login information.

Select Competition Entry from the Competitions section of the menu.

With due notice, these limits may be varied by the decision of the Committee.


Judging night will be the second Wednesday of each month (except for January which has no competition judging but entries close on Thursday, 11th January 2024 for the February Open Competition).

The upload system for entries closes the Thursday after judging night at 1 p.m. The upload system will then remain closed until Saturday morning at which time it will reopen for entries into the following month’s competition. For example, in February it would close on Thursday at 1 p.m. for all entries into the March competition. It would reopen on Saturday for entries into the following month’s competition, which would be April.


By submitting images or A/V files into club competitions you are giving the club the right to use any images or A/V files on the club website or for internal club screening. Members retain all copyright and ownership of these images or A/V files.


Members may enter a maximum a total of THREE (3) entries into the End of Year Competition, with a max. of TWO (2) images in any single category (a category being Digital, Print, Colour or Mono).

The entries can be either print or digital, or a combination of both.

The End of Year competition is an Open competition and any work previously entered during the year, including any new work, will be eligible.


10.1 AGGREGATE AWARD – (Best of 8 Award)

Awards will be made based on entries to competitions running from February to November, being 10 monthly competitions.

To qualify for an “Aggregate Award”, in any section, a minimum of 8 images must have been submitted in that section throughout the year.

An average of the 8 highest scores in each section for the current year is used to determine award winners, being a total of 8 awards across the Regular and Advanced categories.

    • Colour prints
    • Monochrome prints
    • Digital colour
    • Digital monochrome


Instead of the usual monthly competition in December, FPC have the End of Year Competition for members. This varies to the regular monthly scoring & critique offering a total of 8 awards, which are awarded to the images judged best in each section across the Regular and Advanced categories.

    • Colour prints
    • Monochrome prints
    • Digital colour
    • Digital monochrome


Appropriate awards as approved by the committee each year.


Each work is to be judged on its merit and Judges will be requested to score out of a maximum of 15 points. Judges may award more than one 14 or 15 score in any category and will be asked to use the following criteria;

14-15Exceptional image technically and compositionally, in concept and originality
12-13An image of above-average quality in concept, composition and technique with no major technical faults.
10-11A sound image in concept, composition and technique but lacks the impact of the above categories.
8-9Significant deficiencies in technique, composition and/or subject selection.
0-7Does not meet the rules of entry.

Selection of “Image of the Month’: The judge is requested to select the ‘Image of the Month’ from the Regular entries scoring 13 or over. The winning entry will be announced during the monthly judging presentation.


Following the format of many national and international competitions, each work will be judged on its merit by a panel of three external judges. Each judge will allocate an individual score out of a maximum of 5 points, independently. The panel will then add up the three individual results, review the sum total, and agree on a single, final, overall score out of 15 per image.  

The judging panel may award more than one of any of the scores outlined in the table above in any one category.

Winning images will be awarded Highly Commended, 3rd, 2nd and 1st place in each category. The panel will also select the ‘Image of the Year’ from the winning images.

The presentation of EOY competition results will provide commentary only for those images which are awarded Highly Commended, 3rd, 2nd or 1st place. Other images will be displayed with the allocated score. Scores for all images will be published on the website.